Before calling a technician, see these solutions. They could resolve your problem.

Check whether your telephone, Internet, WiFi or 3G connection still work. For 3G, check whether you see at least 2 reception bars at the top left of the antenna symbol.


Do you have a customer and merchant module?

  • Check whether it is properly connected to the connectors via the wire.
  • Check whether you can start your payment terminal
    via Menu 3 4 (on the merchant terminal, if there is one - otherwise on the customer module).
  • At cash register integration, first press STOP OK
  • Remove the electric wire and see if the screen turns off. Then, wait 30 seconds and connect the wire again.

Do you have a mobile payment terminal?

  • In this case, remove the electric wire from the left of your payment terminal too or remove the payment terminal from the docking station.
  • Press the red Stop key for 6 seconds until the payment terminal turns off.
    Switch it on by pressing the yellow Corr 0n  key.